Dessert :
180 gr Cassava, blend
50 gr Jack fruit
100 ml coconut milk

Merringue :
200 gr Egg white
200 gr White sugar

Sabayone :
3 pcs Egg yolk

Garnish :
Brown sugar
Cassava Slick
Pandon Leaves
Red Simple syrup
Grated cassava

Method :
1. Pelled the cassava, steam and blend add water (cooked) and coconut milk.
2. Blend the jack fruit 
3. Mixed well the egg white and white sugar for meringue stir well
4. Stir the egg yolk on the on the stove for sabayone
5. Mixed all ingridients (1,2,3,4) and pul in the glass
6. Garnish with brown sugar, graled cassava stivck and pandon leaves.

For 5 portion


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